The One Gift That Could Really Matter!

Ok, so there is going to be some shameless advertising here, but seriously, its because I have something to offer that is so great, it could genuinely change your life as a mom or dad – in all good ways!

Here it is: Figuring Out the Foundations of Parenting: a parenting course with a difference!

You could think to yourself: “I think I’m doing just fine thanks!”

And maybe you are! And I’m glad for that! But here’s the thing:

Usually, we don’t seek outside advice, guidance, help, etc. until we hit a wall and realize that we need a particular bit of insight that doesn’t seem to be coming naturally. And that’s ok.

Often, when we seek help, it’s to get our kiddo to do something that we think they should do and they won’t. But parenting is about so much more than compliance, so much more than getting your kid to do whatever it is that you want them to do!

Parenting is about a relationship that helps everyone to be their best within the context of their role – parent or child.

Here’s a little story:

We are not all amazing at all things, and we don’t always have a natural gifting in the areas that we want.

Recently, I was seeking some tech help on a webinar and the host was tossing off solid pieces of information that would never have occurred to me! She practically made up business plans on the fly!

It came so easily to her. But it does not come easily to me – and that’s why I sought her help – and bought her course!

I came away from that webinar thinking: “I’m like that with parenting!” I often see the root of the concern so clearly and so easily, and then, the varied ways to redirect time and energy towards a resolution.

Another story:

In an episode of a parenting show, the host visited a family with three little ones who made a shambles of their home life: physically, emotionally, & psychologically! There was near-constant screaming, tantrums, stuff everywhere, and nobody was happy or enjoying the day, never mind life together!

I was amazed because the parents were intelligent, well-educated people who loved each other, had great jobs and no financial concerns: all of the markers that we associate with success. But they were not experiencing parenting “success” by anyone’s measure – including theirs. Why? They just didn’t know what to do; they didn’t know how to parent. And they were so happy to receive the tools that they needed to turn their story around.

Why should we be surprised that parenting is so hard for so many of us?

It’s because of this: Not much in life prepares us for this job.

Not only are we often perplexed, even flummoxed in the face of our little ones, but this momentous, almost 2-decade task anchors us with emotional connections that bind us to these little individuals forever!!! Good thing, or we might just throw in the towel!

And seriously, at the end of our lives, what will we consider having been the most important factor or purpose in life? We won’t wish we’d spent more time at the office, cleaning, or doing more extra-curricular stuff (even though these are all important).

What we will value are the relationships that we developed, especially with our kids.

And so, I wrote a course. And it’s a course with a difference.

It’s a course that is parent-focused, not getting-your-kid-to-do-what-you-want focused – although, that often follows.

Figuring Out the Foundations of Parenting (FOFP) offers a way to calmly exploration what you want out of life as a parent.

Through FOFP you will experience:

  • A way to think through your life experiences that knowingly and unknowingly shape and influence how you think and behave as a parent
  • A means of translating your experiences into a clear understanding of the kind of parent that you really want to be
  • How to channel your hopes and dreams into all that’s good in your journey as a parent.
  • A thoughtful and peaceable course of action for you to engage with your child, now and life long.
  • AND, if you follow my suggestions in taking time to process your thoughts between each module, you will walk away with your own parenting handbook – written by you and for you.

How much more personalized can that be? And wouldn’t that be a great Christmas present? To you and your kiddos!

This course is tremendously helpful for people parenting on their own (I was a solo parent too) and for those who share parenting with a partner. In fact, the course shows partners how they can work together, especially with things that they don’t agree on!

Everyone Benefits!

Here’s why you might think you don’t want to take this course:

  1. I don’t have any parenting problems
  2. My children are too old and we’re too far down the road
  3. I don’t want another parenting philosophy to add my life and complicate my thoughts
  4. It takes time and money

Please consider these matching responses

1. This course is not just for people who already struggling but it also serves as a preventative to typical problems that come up for all of us.

By learning how to be proactive, you give yourself the best chance to be the best parent that you can be, and that makes all the room in the world for your kiddo to have a great start in life

I would love to see prenatal parents take this course! We focus so much on the birth – which, as a mother of four, I know is very important – but there is a child to follow! And so often, as parents we look back and say. “I wish I knew that sooner. It would have saved a lot of time, trouble and tears.” How great it would be to get it as close to “right” as you can from the start!

2. It is never too late to learn how to improve relationships, and being a parent and a child, walking through life together, is a truly significant relationship.

Even if your child is getting ready to leave home in the near future, you can still both benefit from this course. While the examples are mostly based on young children, just writing FOFP and zeroing in on relational details, I learned of things that I could change in how I related to my grown up 20 & 30 something kiddos.

3. I don’t want to add another philosophy to your plate either! Life is complicated enough!

The beauty of this course is that it honours what you feel is important – in fact, I would suggest that it helps you to understand what is important to you with even greater clarity.

There is always the odd exception, but I can almost guarantee that you will finish this course feeling stronger and more confident as an individual and as a parent.

4. Yes, it does take time and money, but here’s the crazy thing:

We hardly blink about spending money on things that improve our lives in other ways, and isn’t this relationship and responsibility pretty near the top of the list of what’s important?

Here is a brief outline of FOFP.

Part One.

In the first five modules: FOFP

  • Will help you to understand who you are as a parent
  • Will lead you to identify the hidden influences in your life, and
  • Will help you to see how those hidden things impact what you say, think, and do – even when you don’t mean to.

THEN, you will be able to sort through all of that stuff in a simple and organized way, defining

  • What thoughts, attitudes, histories and other influences you want to keep, and
  • Which ones you want to reduce or even eliminate
  • In short, you will be clear on what you want to live out and build into your child’s life

Part Two

In Modules 6 to 10, we open up a clear and simple path to take all that you’ve decided is good and make it a way of life.

I introduce four “tools” that each layer beautifully and are fully supported by the previous one. It looks and sounds so simple but can have amazing applications. It can literally, change the way that you approach the stressful situations that your child brings to you.

I told you it would be shameless advertising!

I used to be so shy about what I have to offer, but when all the feedback from informal parent coaching was so good, I realized that this is my calling! Last year, I jumped in with both feet to write and coach as a livelihood and now I’m super excited to present my offerings in Figuring Out the Foundations of Parenting!

I’m not a big fan of hard-core advertising in general, but this feels so exceptional and worthwhile that I really want as many people to have access as possible. While this is how I earn my living, my hope is that I can support myself and also be able to give this, for a very small amount – in support of dignity – to those who truly cannot afford it.

So how about you? Are you being asked what you want for Christmas?

You could ask for this course, or a contribution to this course!

Especially if you don’t actually need more stuff!

This is what a gift of Figuring Out the Foundations of Parenting CAN do for YOU!

  • FOFP can greatly increase your confidence as a parent – whatever your starting point is
  • FOTP will give show you a way to explore why you do things that you don’t really want to
  • FOFP will show you how to respond (rather than react) in ways that you can feel good about, and
  • If you choose to, FOFP will guide you in writing your very own, uncomplicated parenting handbook, written by you and for you!

And, if you don’t get it for Christmas, you can always buy it for yourself! Consider it a mental and relational spa in 10 modules averaging between 25 and 50 minutes each.

The cost

Because I’m launching this course – brand new – I’m offering 50% off until January 9, 2020. That means that instead of $249, the cost is $125, just to get it started.

Who’s in on the launch?!

Are you ready to Register? Click here!

Do you have any questions? Send me an email and I will get back to as soon as I can!

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It helps me to connect with people who will benefit!

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