Public Speaking

Normal Infant Sleep – What is That???


We try so hard to “fix” our “confused” babies and to make them fit into patterns that their little bodies aren’t yet ready for.

What if we took an alternative approach to understanding their needs?

And how can we help ourselves, as weary parents, to get some much-needed rest?




How is your personal history influencing how you parent?

We can plan for the future by looking to the past – why would we do that?

If we can identify those things that shaped and formed us, we can understand how those same things affect how we parent, or even more importantly, how we react when all the wrong buttons are pushed.

What are your default reponses? Which to keep? Which to change? It might be easier than you think!





How Planning Ahead Can Save Your Day!                  

Spontaneity is fantastic, but it tends to happen best when there is an overall, background plan.

Learn how having even a general sense of direction in how you live with your kiddo can give you an amazing strength and confidence in your day-to-day life. Hear how to define that general sense of direction in a way that makes sense in your own life.



What Can We Learn from the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Did you know that it took 200 years to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa? One of the reasons that it took so long is because it began to lean by the time it was only 3 stories high.

Hear about some of the fun parallels to parenting, and about beauty existing even in the face of obvious imperfection!






Please be Patient: Today is a Process, Not an End Result!


Appreciating the moment and making good memories can be a big challenge, especially for task and accomplishment-oriented people like me! But today is important – all by itself! And it is an important piece of the whole picture.

Let’s talk about enjoying the journey, even with the imperfections of today!