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Become the Parent You Want to Be

So your child can be all they were meant to be

Hello, Parent. Your help is here.

I have parent coaching packages to meet the many different, growing and ongoing needs that parents have. Even within those packages, there is room for shaping them to meet your unique needs.

Let’s face it – these little munchkins come with challenges that are deeper and greater in number than any of us ever expected! It’s a good thing that we love them so much because if we knew how hard it would be, we might not have started the whole process in the first place!

Package 1: Just for Me and My Family – One-on-One Coaching

This coaching package offers you information that is not generalized, but specific to you and your circumstances. You’ll talk about your particular concern and your circumstances and I’ll listen using the principles from Figuring Out the Foundation of Parenting, and from The Brain Story. Together we’ll bring the improvement that you want.

This package helps parents of toddlers, teens or anyone in between. Relationships are key and that is where we start.


With this package you will have:

One Zoom meeting where you describe your concerns to me
A second meeting for feedback and a plan
3 hours of feedback and interaction broken down to benefit you the most:
* Six 30-minute calls
* Four 45-minute calls
* Three 60-minute calls
Access to a private FOFP Facebook page to chat with other parents
Access to a monthly live, one-hour Q&A sessions with me and other parents.
Access to Figuring Out the Foundations of Parenting at a 20% discount (highly recommended!)

Package 2: One Hour with Laura
We can do so much in 1 hour

For graduates of “Figuring Out the Foundations of Parenting” and “Just for Me and My Family!”.


This is a once a month Zoom or phone call for you to follow up on the new steps you have taken as a result of either the course or personalized coaching.

With this package:

You will have ongoing encouragement and support
We can help you get back on track if you’ve lost your way
We can brainstorm together for creative solutions and different approaches as your family’s needs change
You will enjoy just being able to bounce ideas off a listening ear who understands what you are working towards

Plus, you will continue to have access to:

The private FOFP Facebook page to chat with other parents
The monthly live, one-hour Q&A sessions with other parents.

Package 3: Help Hot Line
One-time Support/Mentoring Calls

For a productive hour, a new perspective and lots of encouragement


For Birth Partners: “We’re Due Any Day and Now I’m Scared!” Suddenly the due date looms and this feels too real and too big to manage! I have a plan to send to you that will help you focus on what’s most important and be all that the mama needs.
For New Moms or their caregivers: “HELP! I have a new baby…is this NORMAL???” A woman’s emotional needs can escalate exponentially in the first days and weeks after giving birth. This is a great shower gift that will bring some perspective and peace that is hard to find on your own in those early days!
University Parents: 17 or 18 years ago, we wondered if we could live with them; now we have to learn how to live without them! And with them again, when they come home. It’s a seesaw that can be frustrating, a whole new journey that requires a thoughtful approach. (PS. That first-time home, around thanksgiving, is pretty predictable!)
My “kiddo” is getting married! More elements of learning how to navigate a relationship with significantly changed dimensions. And don’t forget, you also become a mom-or dad-in-law. There are tips and tricks for this whole journey.
“I’m a Grandma or a Grandpa! And its pretty great, but things are not as shiny as I expected. And they don’t want my advice.” This is SO common and we just don’t talk about it. But I do! And it can be very helpful.

What I Bring

  • 72 collective years of parenting, and that’s just counting the years that I had a child living under my roof.
  • 12 collective years of university kids coming and going
  • 1 year of sharing an apartment with an adult child – as an adult, not as a child moving back home.
  • 10 years of being a mother-in-law
  • 9 years of being a Grandma.
  • 7.5 months of a young adult in Afghanistan – for those who have a military connection, you will know that this was like your kid going out with bad company, leaving their cell phone at home, and walking around with a near-literal target on their back. This adult child left us the day after their 20th birthday, and a week later flew over our house. Their soon-to-be life partner and I tracked the flights. You can imagine the emotions.

All of this adds up to lots of good things that I love to share. Things that bring clarity, direction and confidence to you as a parent – no matter how old you are.

We never stop loving our children, whatever their age, but we often need to learn how to express that differently when they are older. I can help!

What Parents Say

I currently reside in Kingston, Ontario.

However, technology allows for creative connection far beyond cities, regions, provinces or countries allowing me to serve parent coaching clients world-wide.

Parent Coaching FAQs

A parent coach is someone who is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, patient, a good listener, and a creative problem-solver. A parent coach is someone who can help you to re-think those parenting problems that keep coming up and making everyone feel frustrated. A parent coach can bring fresh perspective, new insight, and a whole lot of encouragement where you need it most!

No, not at all! A therapist is someone who helps you to understand your past and works with you to resolve matters that require a lot of introspective work. There is also a goal of closure.

With parent coaching, we will examine the concern that you bring to the discussion. The goal is to help you to find ways to make your life as a parent work better for you and your child. There is no closure because, as parents, we are always growing and learning.

Have you ever looked back and thought, “I wish I’d known that ahead of time!! I would have done that differently!”

Having a parent coach allows you to ask questions and confidently set a purposeful path so that you are much less likely to think, “I wish I’d done things differently.” You can have the benefit of the experiences of others in advance and make decisions and plans that suit you and your little ones.

A parent coach also walks along side with you while you make adjustments, giving you encouragement and helping you to find and develop your own strengths, skills and confidence. A parent coach also celebrates fully with you when you experience success!

There should be some immediate benefits of feeling hopeful and happy with the direction that you are taking and this will support the harder work of making the changes that you feel will benefit your whole family.

The longer term benefits will become clear to you depending on what your concern is, how deeply rooted the behaviour is, what kind of solution or course of action is chosen and on how committed you are to doing your part.

You get one chance to enjoy these years with your family.

Make the most of them!

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