Meet Intentional Parenting!

Intentional Parenting is a term that I use to capture the idea of parenting “on purpose”. In its entirety, Intentional Parenting empowers families, parents and children through coaching, an online course (coming really soon!!!) and a safe, members only online Facebook community.

Birth – measured in hours

Part of a baby’s best start in life is an emotionally healthy birth for both the mom and the baby, and the partner if there is one. With good support, even a physically or medically difficult birth can be emotionally healthy for everyone.

Postpartum – measurable in days, weeks, or months

The next part is a well-supported postpartum period. If you are reading this prenatally, I strongly encourage you to look into having a birth and postpartum doula – it can make a significant difference in your experience. (PS. – This is why I still love and occasionally do birth and postpartum doula work, but obviously, only near where I live!)

Everything else – measured by…well, it’s the rest of your life!

With the birth and postpartum behind you, the journey of caring for and raising this tiny human has begun!!! It’s like having a huge wedding, and then there is the reality of sorting out life together.

The birth and early days are important, but the next part is the long haul, and it is vital!

Here is where Intentional Parenting comes into your life!

Knowledge is powerful, understanding is life-giving, and putting those two together in your parenting is liberating, confidence building, and in some moments, exhilarating!

I believe that offering education, knowledge and information to parents is the best way to support a happy childhood and a child’s healthiest emotional and mental development. You can actually plan the specifics of parenting and have a simple mental structure to lean on in difficult moments (and there are a ton of those!). If you are parenting as a couple, and you have a hard time being on the same page, Intentional Parenting can help you with that too!

I help parents find their own unique parenting path through the day-to-day tangles and how to enjoy the journey in the process. Whether resolving small or large challenges, I am committed to a healthy emotional and relational experience for everyone involved: infant, child and parents.

Whether you are a brand-new parent, or you have been walking this path for a while, Intentional Parenting can help you have a more joyful, fulfilling and calm family life. 

Wherever you are standing today, there is so much hope, an abundance of hope, for parenting with courage, confidence, peace, and joy!

In summary, Intentional Parenting can bring peace to your parenting by helping you to:

  1. Define a clear idea of picture of how you want to parent and, for two-parent families, how to grow into being on the same page
  2. Find your own unique parenting path whether you are just starting out or feeling bogged down with the day-to-day tangles, troubles and tantrums.
  3. Define these things within the context of your own values and beliefs
  4. Recognize that this time in their life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured!
  5. Act and make decisions with confidence by sharing wisdom and knowledge, hand-in-hand with the growing body of research and understanding on how lived experiences and the home environment can affect an infant and small child’s developing brain. (more about this in another post!)

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