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Your doula helps create a memorable, positive labour & birth experience

Emotionally healthy labour, birth and postpartum experiences give you a strong start raising emotionally healthy children.

So You’re Going to Have a Baby!

At this exciting time, you have so many things to think about. What is important for you in a birth experience? Where do you want to give birth? Who do you want to be there with you? What do you hope doesn’t happen?

Thinking through these questions with your doula will arm you with knowledge and strength. However your story evolves, you can have a good experience knowing that you did your absolute best (and you will have) and that you have birthed a little person. And THAT is an accomplishment!

What’s included in a Labour and Birth Support Package

Our first visit will be a get-to-know you visit. I’ll learn what is most important to you and explore how I can support your hopes and wishes for your birth. I’ll help you think through what you would like to include in your birth plan. We’ll review all that you’ve learned in your pre-natal classes.



Combined Labour & Birth and Postpartum Support

COST: $1000

This is, by far, the best combination with the lovely sense of continuity in working together throughout your whole experience: from labour and birth, right through into the first days of life with a new baby.
Labour and birth support, plus the first postpartum visit
Two additional, scheduled postpartum visits 

Your Labour & Birth Partner

Each partner is unique in how they engage with the birth of their child. Some want lots of hands-on involvement and I can help them to find what works best for their labouring partner, and some really want to be there, but find the whole experience too much to process. This partner can be supported in knowing that, for them, being present is enough.

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