Module 8: Tool # 2, Planning Ahead

In Module 8, we carry concept of love into Planning Ahead, and we do that because we can use love, both the emotion and the love that we can act out even when we don’t feel like it. This is a way of taking concrete step to make really good plans for your child. And for you, the parent. And in ways that enhance and build the short- and long-term relationship.

In this module, you can take all that you have learned in the first half of the course (Modules 1-5), together with the new thoughts and ideas of how to express genuine love and define of action!

Planning Ahead can be a really fun part!  It carries the ring of a new beginning, of a fresh start, and of having the ability to make good choices for your future.

It’s like writing your own history, yours and your child’s! You are planning for what you hope to achieve!

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