Module 2: Beginnings: Is a Baby a Blank Slate?

Many of us begin our parenting experience with the idea that this is a brand-new start, a blank slate, but then we quickly discover that the interactions with our little ones actually have deep histories! Not only that, but as anyone who has more than one child will tell you, these tiny humans arrive with their own interpretation of the world and their own means of engaging. What I mean is that they have their own preferences and ideas and they begin to express those individualities very early in their lives.

In this module, we explore these hidden influences in your child’s life – no matter how old they are and no matter how old you are: it is never too late to learn and grow into new understandings!

We also learn that it’s ok to get messy! Actually, it can be an indication of things going well, because usually, re-arranging things – including thoughts and habit -gets messier before it gets better.

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