We love our little ones to the ends of the earth, and we want to do our very best for them, but the day-to-day challenges can so easily come to feel insurmountable. It can be hard to understand why and what to do about it.


There are so many things that can contribute to the struggles that we face, and we may not even be aware of where they all come from.


Intentional Parenting is designed to help parents to untangle the visible (and sometimes invisible) origins of the patterns of parental behaviour that we all fall into.


No frowns; no judgement; just thoughtful, supportive, and encouraging wisdom and insight. Often a second pair of eyes can offer a clarity that is so hard to see when you are standing right in the middle of the stress and fatigue.


Here are my goals for you: I would like you to come away from your time with me feel less overwhelmed because you will grow into

  • Understanding your own patterns of behaviour
  • Learning what specific steps you can take to make great changes, and
  • Being able act with knowledge

I want you to

  • Feel confident as the specific parent that you are to your specific child, and
  • (This is critical!) TO ENJOY THE PROCESS!!!


I want you to be able to enjoy these years with your family. We only get one chance to do this!