Meet Laura Gillian

Parent Coach | Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

As a parent coach and a certified labour, birth & postpartum doula, Laura Gillian is passionate about all things related to parenting as well as infant (and parental!) mental health.

Laura is highly motivated to help parents find their own unique path to both parenting and enjoying the journey.

Laura was granted a participant certificate in a 30-hour program “Infant Mental Health Promotion (IMHP)” presented by Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. She is also is “Brain Story” certified with The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI), a network of professionals that applies leading research about early brain development and its connection to adult health.

Laura recognizes that raising children can bring anywhere from moderate to severe challenges, including the sometimes re-surfacing of a difficult history for the parent. This was her story too.

With a BA in Sociology, Laura recognizes that social and family patterns can be silent influences in how we parent, and she enjoys helping parents identify what behaviours and patterns are working well in their family and how to change those that are not.

As parenting starts with the arrival of a baby, Laura also enjoys being a birth and postpartum doula, serving newly expanding families in support of a good birth and early postpartum days. Good support in these vulnerable times provides the best start to healthy parent-child relationships which, in the long run, allows for the best possible mental health outcomes for each family member.

She loves to see children and their grown-ups happy, healthy, and living well together.

She has lived on three continents and is presently in Kingston, Ontario in her 35th home. Laura enjoys spending time with her four kids, four kids-in-law, eight grandkids, and her parents whenever she can.

She enjoys knitting, drawing, and painting- a beginner in all three; is a compulsive gardener; likes cooking; and always needs a good book to read.

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