A little bit about me

I’ve been training with an wonderful organization called bebomia where I am nearly finished birth and postpartum certification and am working on the Breastfeeding and Sleep Educator certifications. bebo mia’s Marketing Director, Alana Nugent has been particularly encouraging and helpful in getting me started in what I’ve discovered I love even more than walking alongside parents during labour and birth and the postpartum days: helping parents to parent. 

Alana asked me to write my story and I’d like to share that link with you. This is part one of three, and I have to tell you, some parts of this story are very hard to tell, not part one so much…but I’ll say something about part two before it is published and I share the link.

Here is part one: Enjoy!  

bebo mia’s Spotlight: Stories, Journeys, Twists, and Turns with Laura Gillian.

By the way, this looks a lot like the road that I learned to drive on in Esperance, Western Australia!