Hey there! Welcome to my website – I so glad that you have dropped by!

I’m sure you are thinking:

What is Intentional Parenting? Is it a product or a service?

And, most importantly, How can it help me?


Here is the short and simple version:

  • Would you like to feel less overwhelmed?
  • Would you like to be able to understand why you do some of the things that you wish you didn’t?
  • Would you like to know how to change? How to act with knowledge and confidence?
  • Would you like to just enjoy your kids more?

I can help. I really can.

Whether you see me as a parent-mentor, parent-coach, or simply as someone who can support you through a hard time, I can help.

Sometimes, I lose something – my glasses, my keys – and absolutely can not find it. It’s so frustrating! Does anyone relate? And when I ask for help, another person can walk in and say, “It’s right there.” Really? I have to roll my eyes at myself!

But what happened? I just needed a second pair of eyes, a different perspective.

This can be true with parenting. We can be so deeply immersed that a fairly simple solution might, just might, be right there, right under our noses.

Or the matter might be one that takes further talk and exploration.

This is a new website, so forgive the lack of lots of content! It will come – and it might come through YOU! Send me an email, just to say hello, or with a question that you have. Or ask if you can have a no-cost introductory phone call to see if we are a good match for you! (There is a limit to these, so let me know soon!)

BYW, there is an amazing online course coming up in the New Year, early 2019, that I think you will love! More later!

Take care, and thanks again for dropping by!

At the end of our lives, nothing will
matter more than our relationships
– especially those shared with our kids.