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Hi there and welcome. I’m Laura Gillian

Being a parent can be super hard. Lets face it: it IS super-hard.

And it doesn’t really matter how old your kiddo is: one year, two years, thirteen, or twenty. There are always challenges for you, the parent, to face and grow into.
Here’s some good news/bad news about whatever your current concern happens to be:
Good news: There is hope for any challenge that you are facing!
Bad news: As the parent, you need to lead the way into resolution.
  “But it’s not me with the problem!” (I can hear you from here!)
I agree that it might not be you with the problem, but the solution often stems from a minor (or major) adjustment on the part of the parent to make things work better with their kiddo.

And if you can identify something that can make things better with your kiddo, that “something” is worth considering and doing. Right?

In my life experience, information is power. When there is a problem and I don’t have the piece of info that I need, I can flounder, feel frustrated and even edge towards thinking things are hopeless and will never get better.
But accurate observations and words, especially spoken in kindness and love, gave me strength to

  • look at a problem,
  • to think it through with wisdom and insight, and
  • to have the courage to follow through with a positive action.

This is what I offer to you! Whether you are a new parent – young or older first-time parents, whether you have little kids or grown up kids, if you are a grandparent, or if you have care-giving responsibilities in some capacity, I can help!

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