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Hi there, I’m Laura Gillian

I believe that offering education, knowledge and information to parents – even prenatally – is the best way to support a happy childhood and a child’s mental health. A baby’s very best start in life is not just an emotionally good birth experience and positive early days and weeks. It also includes parents who have an overall idea of how they want to parent and how to grow into being on the same page.

I help parents find their own unique parenting path through the day-to-day tangles and how to enjoy the the journey in the process. Whether resolving small or large challenges, I am committed to infant, child and parental mental health throughout all phases of family life.

What is Intentional Parenting?

Intentional Parenting is a term that I use to capture the idea of parenting “on purpose”. In its entirety, Intentional Parenting empowers families, parents and children through coaching, an online course (coming soon) and an online community. Whether you are a brand-new parent, or you have been walking this path for a while, Intentional Parenting can help you have a more joyful, fulfilling and calm family life. 

Even before a child’s birth, education, knowledge and information for parents is the best way to support wholesome mental and physical development. A baby’s best start in life is not only an emotionally healthy birth—regardless of the birth experience—and a well-supported postpartum period. A good start also includes parents who have an overall idea of how they want to parent and how to work together to develop parenting skills.

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